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Encounters of pleasure

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My roomma My Sister's Boyfriend. Tuesday, February 26, Tutoring Jocks.

Tutoring Jocks. Story by Dick Clinton. I remained on campus during Spring Break along with a few other students. My roommate Jason, had gone home to Boston for a couple of weeks, leaving me with Encounters of pleasure quiet time.

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I'd planned to catch up on an essay I was preparing for one of my classes. I went Encounters of pleasure to the kitchen to get some ice before I settled down Encounterw study. As I went through the living area, I spotted Kevin King, talking to one of the other guys in my Fraternity.

He looked up at me, nodded then winked. I retrieved a bucket of ice from the kitchen and hastily went back up the stairs to my room trying to avoid him. He was one of the star football players here at Metal Madison girl college.

He Encounters of pleasure a body that even straight men would take a second glance at. He was an extremely hot guy, and Encounters of pleasure knew it. I went back to my room to continue Encounters of pleasure studies when a light knock was heard at my door. When I opened it, there stood Kevin. I almost let out a gasp at his presents. Kevin Encounhers a veritable hunk, but I understood he could also be a real asshole and bully at times.

Kevin was as good looking as Jason in just the opposite ways. Jason had dark hair and fantastic dark brown eyes, and Kevin had blond curly hair Encounters of pleasure sparkling blue eyes. They were both about the same height and weight.

I was immensely affected by his compact muscular body and rippling abs. He was no doubt secure about his body. Is Jason around?

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He has gone to Boston for Spring Break. You can come back in a few weeks if you need to talk with him. The quickest way another guy knows you have Encounters of pleasure thing for him is eye contact.

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He had a reputation of Orlando Florida girls wanting dates and demanding sex, and never fucked the same chick more than a couple times. Jason warned me to be cautious of this guy.

I really wanted to talk to you anyway. Can I come in? I bet you could have some hot parties Encounters of pleasure. So do you get laid much these days? What do you need tutoring in anyway? Then he softly laughed.

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I've ppleasure you were an asshole, and I have to agree with them. Get out! Kevin stepped in Encounters of pleasure of the door and grinned. Not only did he have about 50 pounds on me, but he Encounters of pleasure such a desirable hunk. I knew I would just melt if he even touched me. He made me uneasy with his presence. Come on Ray.

I'd sure like to have you swinging on my dong. So what do you say, Ray? I promise.

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Be my 'teach'. Kevin was leaning against the door dressed in a white stretch body shirt, emphasizing every Naked Davenport girls muscle of his stomach, his awesome pectoral muscles, and his protruding nipples. His tight tailored jeans gripped every curve Encounters of pleasure his sculptured body and trim waist. Ehcounters

An excellent bulge was pressed against the front of his jeans and was on the rise as he talked about the prospect of a blow job. The top buttons Encounters of pleasure his jeans were unbuttoned and exposed a soft fuzzy cluster of hair to further entice his admirers. He was a sex magnet, and he flaunted it very well. Come on in. Lock the door and take your shoes off.

Would you like a soda Ennis texas swingers. Swinging. something? All I need are your lips around my prick. He stretched Encounters of pleasure with one arm behind his head, grabbed his hard cock, and lifted his balls with the other. Did you ever suck on a cock this big?

Come on dude. I need some head in the worst way.

Jump on this baby and make me cum. Lay back, relax and let me do it my way.

I opened the bedside table drawer and obtained a bottle of body oil. Kevin relaxed, closed his eyes, and seemed to enjoy my sensitive massage.

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It seemed to stimulate him because Encounters of pleasure noticed his dick throb and flex. He was anticipating my warm cock sucking mouth deducing his cock and having it. He gripped his cock starting to masturbate, but before he could manipulate it, I moved my hand down his taunt abs, gripped his cock and held Encounters of pleasure tightly.

It was an amazing cock indeed. His large scrotum hung snugly between his legs. His liquids were sweet and tasty.

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Kevin sighed as I placed my mouth completely over his cock Encounters of pleasure ran my tongue around the sensitive tulip shaped cock head and into the opening of his piss slit. Kevin parted his strong athletic legs giving me Encounters of pleasure admission to this receptive private place. I was surprised I could swallow down more than half of his cock during each downward movement.

He started to whimper and writhe about on the bed like a wild man.

Encounters of pleasure

He gave a howling eagerness and started Encounters of pleasure tremble with uncontrollable passionate enthusiasm. He arched his body upward and huffed for air while he blasted squirt Encounters of pleasure squirt of man liquid into my welcome oral cavity.

I swallowed quickly after each gusher. His zeal Enconters passion was almost too much for me to keep his spurting dick in my mouth as his body squirmed all over the bed in ecstasy. Ah yes! Drain my cock.

Oh man, man, man! Following a frantic discharge of sexual exhilaration, Kevin settled down to a stress-free disposition.

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Kevin admitted I was a first-rate cock worshiper and cum slave and he could depend Encounters of pleasure me to satisfy his sexual needs when he needed release. He was so captivating Encounters of pleasure there with his eyes closed, and his big semi-hard cock resting on his soft ball sack just ready and waiting for more attention.

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Encounters of pleasure dude was so much more desirable plasure than with his clothes Encounters of pleasure. What nEcounters well-developed guy! Almost perfect in every way. I had always fantasized that this football hunk would fuck me someday, and now I had the chance to show Kevin how enjoyable it could be to plant a load of fresh sperm into a nice tight male ass, instead of some silty female snatch.

Almost thirty minutes had gone by since Kevin had fallen asleep. I had cleansed my body and lubed the entrance to my anus. I stood over Kevin for a brief moment to admire his magnificent and flawless body. Kevin stirred as I placed my mouth over the cock head to savor Encounters of pleasure remaining ooze of fluids seeping from his piss slit.

He slowly became rigid as I kissed and caress his flexible penis and engulfed his member down to his pubic hairs before he enlarged to his full eleven inch shaft.

How long have I been asleep? How about another round of Sexy hot girls Boynton Beach online sucking?

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That blow job was awesome dude, just awesome! Ah yeah. That's nice the way you do that. Go all the way down on it again.