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By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Possible Duplicate: Quite often I need to say that I will do something really soon - e.

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There are too many alternatives to even begin to list; stick to "I'll do it soon" or "I'll do it shortly", and look out for alternatives when you're reading or listening. I frequently use presentlybut I am not sure how doan it is.

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It means "shortly" or "soon. Well, if you are from yok Southern U. But gee, there doesn't seem to be a way, really, to expect a list of such options to materialize.

I'm not sure how you could say it more briefly, other than maybe, "Yeah, soon," or simply grunting. An appropriate statement might depend on what you mean by "soon" Horny woman in Farkashat context, as Robusto notes in his comment.

In a business environment, "We'll have email working again soon" would be understood to mean hours at Lookkng. Not only is there the question of how urgent the task is, but also have how soon you really plan to get to it in relation to the other person's expectations.

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Like, if someone wants a job done within an hour, and you plan Looking to go down on you asap get to it tomorrow, "I'll get on that real soon" -- meanting tomorrow -- could be misleading. In such cases, a more specific statement might be better, like, "I'll start on that tomorrow" or "I should have that done by 3: Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

How to say that you are going to do something really soon? I usually say something like: I will make it shortly I will do asal in a short while What are the most common phrases for this?

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SharpAffair SharpAffair 1 2 5. ASAP isn't unsure.

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ASAP means "As soon as possible", which is immediately, within some constraints. How is "I will do it soon" lengthier than "I om make it shortly" or "I will do it in a short while"? And how is "in a few hours" really soon?

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Time is ln relative concept. If you're under water, getting some air "really soon" means seconds, not hours. In geologic time, "really soon" could mean a thousand years.

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It's unclear what you are asking here. MetaEd not a good duplicate Four syllables. You can't get much terser than that.

You'll have a nice collection in two shakes of a lamb's tail. I shall return presently with the coffee. Kit Z.

Fox Presently is often used to mean "soon", but it is slightly nonstandard, insofar as it also means "now" or "at present". Compare that with the American use of momentarily.

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Mind you, in parts of Wales, "now" is used to mean "soon". Kevin Kevin 6, 3 21 Let's assume OP doesn't want dialect that'll make them look semi-literate in any other part of the world. Tom Raywood Tom Raywood 1 5.

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